Abigail Head

Improv nerd, geek girl. She/her.

Theater owner, actor & improviser, writer, filmmaker, minor league humorist, and generally-opinionated scuttlebug.

Lover of the em dash, proponent of the serial comma, and staunch defender of "literally" literally meaning "in the literal sense". 

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My latest essay

Existing in Relation to Others

“Why did you decide to become trans?”

If I had a dollar for every time I have been asked “Can I ask you a personal question” I would have enough to pay for a full month’s worth of transition care (and let me tell you, that shit is expensive).

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Things I do

Creativity Coaching for the Autistic Community

Art & the Autist is a coaching program for autistic people. It was created by and is delivered by an autistic writer, actor, improviser, and filmmaker. Through this creativity coaching, autistic students will reconnect with their artistic and creative selves, and discover the tools needed to maintain a lifetime of creativity.

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Co-founder, teacher, coach, and performer at the Comedy Arts Theater of Charlotte, a.k.a., CATCh. We are Charlotte's only dedicated improv venue, located in the LoSo area. 

CATCh teaches long-form, theater-style improv that's accessible, authentic, and naturally funny. We have classes for beginners starting regularly.

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Creative Endeavors

  • Improv theater owner, teacher, coach, performer
  • Writer
  • Actor
  • Filmmaker
  • Web/Graphic Designer
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