Surprising "woman things", one month in...

published on Jul 23, 2019


A bit of a random list of things that stuck out to me as I was learning how to dress like a woman (ergo, mostly apparel related).

No pockets

I realize this has been A Thing™ for a while, but it's revealing when you have to deal with it daily. The biggest headache? Realizing (too late) that I forgot to bring my phone to the bathroom with me, and having to sit alone with my thoughts for more than 10 seconds.

Carrying shit around

See above. I went to Carowinds recently, and (not wanting to leave a purse with valuables in the "lockers") tried to stuff the few things I needed into a side-saddle.

Shoes and clothes are cheap AF!

I took child #2 to Target to get some slacks, a button-down shirt, and a blazer. Total cost: $200 for three items. For that some $200, I can get 3 times the number of items! 

Fen says they're not meant to last as long, which makes sense. I still have men's dress shirts I bought 15 years ago.

Clothing sizes make no sense whatsoever

Apropo of clothing being inexpensive, they should be. The size templates are almost as inconsistent as a "family values" Trump supporter! I do miss knowing that if I pick up a pair of 33x30 jeans, they will fit. I may not like the cut, but they'll fit.

A different bra for every slight variation of top? UGH!

I can't even comprehend how I'm supposed to know which style strapped bra is supposed to go with the particular top I want to wear... BEFORE I put the top on! Couldn't we just all agree that showing some strap is a stylish and cool trend?

Makeup names are confusing

What the heck is base vs. foundation vs. primer? I watched YouTube videos to get ideas, but when I go to the store if they don't have the same brand the name doesn't match!

I like heels

There, I said it.


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