Things only a trans woman...

published on Jul 25, 2019


A follow-up to my last post, where I talk about things that are unique to trans women (i.e., things a cis woman wouldn't understand).

The occasional but acute pain when you cross your legs just wrong.

Yoga sucks in this regard.

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Makeup on a freshly shaven face.

Also, deciding whether it's worth it to clean your face, shave again, and re-apply makeup after work to avoid the "blue haze of being clocked."

Dresses that fit perfectly

Except for your broad-ass shoulders. Which is particularly annoying for me, since men's shirts never fit me because my shoulders were too narrow


Fumbling around for 20 minutes to get a top on because the buttons are on the wrong side and 45 years of muscle memory is your enemy.

Wanting your nails done

But also trying to present as your assigned gender at birth sometimes. 

Refuge Restrooms app

I know I tagged the post "unserious" (and had intended it to be), but having to use a phone app to find a safe space to pee is pretty damn serious.


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